The Doctor’s Companion – In Memoriam of Randy McKinney

doctorscompanionrssScott is joined by Nick as they remember the life of their friend, founder and original TDC co-host, Randy McKinney (1982-2014).

RIP. You will be missed.

2 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion – In Memoriam of Randy McKinney

  1. Randy McKinney is pretty much the reason I listen to podcasts. Way back when, I was slightly interested in podcasts. I looked into them a few times, but it wasn’t until I discovered the Buffcast that I really got hooked. After that I started listening to the other Geekshow podcasts, and they were the only podcasts I listened to on a regular basis for a long time.

    I didn’t get to speak directly to Randy other than the couple call-in shows and E3 specials, but I did interact with him quite often via comments on the Geekshow site and online forums. He was always friendly and had interesting things to say on his shows and off. I think he influenced more people through podcasting than he realized. He will most definitely be missed.

  2. Few of Randy’s podcast friends and colleagues would know me, but I am Randy’s older brother. I only rarely interacted on his website (though I did once do terrible art for it and helped him with the CSS several times) and I never appeared on the air, both because I’m far more introverted than he ever was.

    Not only did I lose a younger brother this year, but I also lost the member of my family that I had the most in common with. I have always seen a lot of myself in him, from his interest in all things geeky to his technical knowledge to his personality and sense of humor. While that similarity sometimes caused friction (as it inevitably will), it far more often drew us together.

    I am the “patient zero” of geekiness in our family, which comes mainly from my formative exposure to seventies and eighties sci-fi (Star Wars in particular being a massive influence on a lot of kids near my age.) In a way, listening to this episode is like looking into the world behind the mirror, or seeing how the seed of my interests has grown. I am fairly certain that I’m the one that introduced Randy to Doctor Who, and I probably introduced him to Buffy as well (I have been a fan of the former since the Tom Baker era and the latter since season 1). It worked both ways, too; for example, he drew me back into anime just in time for the golden age that occurred near the introduction of DVD.

    Randy long ago surpassed my meager accomplishments. I’m very proud that he did so much with the time that he had, and that he inspired so many people. So on behalf of his family as well as myself, thank you for making this episode. It is appreciated.

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