The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 98 – Space Titanic

The Doctor is in a disaster movie while Scott and Matt are entertained by the David Tennant episode “Voyage of the Damned”.

The Doctor finds himself trying to stop a mad man from crashing the Starship Titanic into Earth, with the help of a woman named Astrid who works on the intergalactic cruise ship. Can the Doctor save the passengers of the ship and everyone on Earth before it’s too late? Will Astrid become the Doctor’s newest companion? Why does that guy’s teeth twinkle? Find out in the newest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

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5 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 98 – Space Titanic

  1. I can’t believe you guys made it through this whole discussion without once mentioning Alonso! He was played by Russell Tovey for petesake! I kept waiting for him to come up during the discussion about names but nope!

    • Wow. Neither can I. I’m not sure why I didn’t mention him. Must have completely slipped my mind. I love him on Being Human!

      • Well I guess the important thing is you feel bad about it. Wasn’t he considered as a possible choice to play the eleventh doctor too? Wow just so much discussion potential wasted;) Anyway have you checked out Russell Tovey’s new sitcom Him & Her? It’s pretty funny. I know you have a lot you’re already watching/planning to watch but I definitely recommend it if you ever get the chance.

        • He was never considered, RTD just said that IF he had continued running the show beyond Tennant that he would have offered it to Tovey, but since that never happened Tovey was never in serious consideration.

          I have not watched Him & Her yet, but I will absolutely be getting around to it soon.

    • You beat me to it, I only listened to the podcast yesterday and was very surprised Tovey didn’t rate a mention. RTD enjoyed it so much he gave him a cameo as Captain Jack’s latest squeeze.

      I hadn’t heard of his new show – will have to check it out.

      Still, it was fun to see Australia’s second greatest export (behind The Wiggles) in a decent acting role. I agree it’s a crying shame she couldn’t be a companion, but her singing career is still busy so it was never a possibility.

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