The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 61 – Bond and Moriarty

The Master is scheming and Scott and Matt are really impressed with the Jon Pertwee 6-part serial “The Mind of Evil”.

The Doctor and Jo attend a demonstration at a prison for a new device capable of extracting negative thoughts out of hardened criminals, causing them to be completely rehabilitated. The Doctor’s skepticism and investigation of the Keller Machine leads him to it’s creator: The Master. Can the Doctor stop his old foe from using the Keller Machine to destroy the world? Just how smooth is Delgado’s take on The Master? Is Pertwee auditioning to be James Bond? Find out in the newest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

Also: Torchwood Talk!!

Next Week: Patrick Troughton and ‘The War Games’ (Part 1 of 2)!!

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