The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 229 – Be a Doctor


Scott, Cassandra, and Nick discuss the tenth episodes of Series 9, “Face the Raven”.



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4 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 229 – Be a Doctor

  1. Can’t believe you didn’t speculate on who “they” are!
    I’m thinking Time Lords are involved
    I’m glad Clara is gone, but I kind of wish she got a happy ending.
    Oh well, at least the emotional resonance will be better than the shove-it-under-the-rug-in-the-very-next-episode like they did with Adric’s

  2. I will miss clara on the show. This has been a good season.
    last season was better but it kinda ended wrongly. Im still annoyed that the doctor never talked to clara about danny’s death. Which was the undercurrent on why clara was so reckless.

    When you think about it. The last two seasons seem kinda pointless.

    i honestly can’t tell you what the point of last season was besides the master is a woman.

    the only two things that will save these seasons would be a season of river. And or moffett retires and a woman becomes the show runner and we get a female doctor.

    or idris elba as the doctor.

  3. I disliked this episode last week when it aired, and I dislike it even more after this week’s fantastic followup. I think Face the Raven poorly executed on a good idea and rushed through everything just to try and get to a death that didn’t feel earned. They made Clara act a bit stupid just to get her into the bad position AND the show just resigned itself to “there’s nothing we can do” just because it happens to be the time for Jenna Coleman to leave. I feel like the characters should have put up more of a fight or at least tried something, even if it didn’t work.

    As Heaven Sent demonstrated this week, The Doctor is always thinking and always coming up with a plan and can do so very quickly. When I can think of a few things the characters could have tried, surely the Doctor could have come up with something clever to save Clara. The only reason he couldn’t/didn’t is because Jenna Coleman is leaving the show and the writers couldn’t be bothered with making the “there’s no way out” situation actually FEEL like there was no way out.

    Face the Raven didn’t work for me at all, and I think it is one of the worst companion sendoffs they’ve done because it just felt like “oh well we’re just gonna toss you aside now for no particular reason” rather than feeling earned or inevitable. It almost felt like they had no idea Jenna Coleman was going to leave the show until midway through writing this episode and they had to rush an explanation in there for getting rid of Clara at the last minute.

  4. The Doctor tells Brian that a few of his previous companions have died; this is a reference to Sara Kingdom , Katarina , and Adric .

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