The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 222 – Friends and Enemies

doctorscompanionrssOld enemies laugh and cry as Scott, Cassandra and Nick return to discuss the second episode of Series 9, “The Witch’s Familiar”! 

The Doctor and Davros have a long conversation about life and death as the Master and Missy team-up on a sewer-filled adventure to save the Doctor from a Dalek stronghold. Is Davros being honest with his emotional revelations? Will the Master attempt to have Clara killed? What makes the Daleks work? Find out, in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

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4 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 222 – Friends and Enemies

  1. Hey guys,
    another great episode. I’m with Scott on the Sunglasses. Not a fan.
    On your off-season episodes, either bi-weekly or weekly format works for me. I wouldn’t mind the incorporation of some books (like Engines of War, for example) as well.
    Love the idea of James Bond being The Bachelor, LOL.
    Also, River for the next companion, YES PLEASE!

  2. Hey guys – I’m for the biweekly episodes on the off season, but I would not be opposed to the episode by episode thing either. Loved the episode and the podcast – I found myself cracking up like a madwoman while driving home from work today while listening. =) To answer Nick about when I first noticed/liked Clara – I’m one of those people that actually liked her from the very beginning. I’m actually a little bit worried about what Moffat will pull at the end of this series with her, to be perfectly honest.

    Anyway – yay for two weeks of Toby Whithouse episodes! o/

  3. My thoughts are 1) the sunglasses are a new and clever idea for the Doctor to carry his most important tool openly without rousing suspicion, 2) there was no smugness, 3) the Doctor gave the rock to Missy not her daughter, 3) I disagree with you often but I listen because you sound really young so I’m assuming I’m getting the Tennant / Smith fan perspective on the show.

  4. 1. I will say this again. I love me some river song. To hear scott say he love to see a season of river song as companion blew my mind. Given how much hate he had for the character in past episodes of the podcast.

    I really wish moffett would bring back past companions like captain jack or even someone from torchwood. It would be a great tone setter for the story and entertaining to see martha play off capaldi’s doctor or other characters from the past.

    2. The more you talked about the versions of clara makes me think shes a timelord. and this would give ms. Coleman a character she could always come back to on the show over the years. Kinda like sara jane.

    i personally would love to see clara turn out to be an updated version of the rani. She is the impossible girl after all…

    question –

    1. Has moffett ever said why he hasn’t brought back past companions like captian jack?

    2. Who are some actresses who could actually get to be the doctor in your mind besides the beautiful hayley atwell?

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