The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 218 – A Better Ending

doctorscompanionrssDavros has returned but Scott and Nick have mixed feelings about the David Tennant 2-parter “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”. The Earth has disappeared from our solar system, and the Doctor is determined to find out where it has ended up. With the help of all of the companions he’s accumulated in the past few years, he quickly discovers who is to blame and worries that their plan this time may be too diabolical to overcome. Can the Doctor join forces with all of his companions to return Earth and a bunch of other planets to their rightful place in the galaxy? Will Rose and the Doctor live happily ever after now that they’ve finally been reunited? Why would this story have been better as the 10th Doctor’s last stand? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

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3 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 218 – A Better Ending

  1. Breaking my heart over here. I love this episode. Everyone together is everything to me. I see flaws but I find this story so enjoyable. <3.Still love you guys though.

    • I think we both absolutely love “The Stolen Earth”, it’s one of my all time favorite RTD-penned episodes. “Journey’s End” though… yikes. I pointed out the stuff that I liked, but most of it is a whole lot of squandered potential and missed opportunity. You can just tell that it was created as a swan song for Tennant, but it ended up not being one and RTD tried to salvage the idea and it just didn’t really work. Not for me anyway.

      But seriously, “The Stolen Earth” is unbelievably good. I could watch that episode again right now.

      • I can’t really argue with anything either of you said, and it’s always interesting hearing what you three (or two) connect with and what you don’t. But I still just had to throw out there that this story has a warm fuzzy place in my heart. It also serves as the end of Tennants run to me. The specials are RTDs LOTR endings to me, lol.

        Also, I enjoyed Torchwood. By which I found it engaging overall and am glad I watched it (except season 4, yuck). I think it’s worth watching just for Children of Earth which is imo RTDs best writing.

        And finally, while Chris Pratt has already been Starlord, Harrison Ford had already been Han Solo, so I think they’re just following a bit of a tradition.

        Really glad you guys are doing these during the break btw. As you can see, I find the show really engaging. 🙂

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