The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 211 – By Any Other Name

doctorscompanionrssDanny Pink is dead and Scott, Cassandra and Nick have a lot to say about the first part of the Series 8 finale “Dark Water”. The Doctor and Clara follow the recently deceased Danny’s lifeline to save him from the afterlife, but find a company that specializes in the dead called “3W”, and a mysterious woman named “Missy”. What is the company’s connection to the afterlife? How will they save Danny from being dead? Who is Missy and what is her connection to the Doctor? Find out in the newest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

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12 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 211 – By Any Other Name

  1. *spoilers*

    Congrats! Ya’ll called it. Now we just need to see if Clara somehow altered the Master’s timeline.

    So, a couple of reactions of my own. If I do a phenomenological examination of my thought process as I watched the show, here are a few thoughts which occurred to me:

    #1) Just before the Master reveal, she says something akin to “I’m the one you abandoned.” For a split second the character was going to be revealed to be Susan [granddaughter]. In that mili-moment I wanted that it to be true more than anything [I am inordinately concerned, for some reason, with what happened to the character].

    #2) My next thought was, “Oh, Moffat made the Master female so he could get out of having to make the Doctor female because now he’s fulfilled his duty to make an important Timelord character a female, and it would be odd to have both characters female and/or odd to have the Doctor turn female anytime soon.” Well, it appears that Paul Cornell disagrees with that idea, which I hope is the truth [they are paving the way to make the Doctor female].

    #3) My initial thought about the whole afterlife scenario is that it was a homage/stolen from the faction paradox line of stories, namely the City of the Saved. It might turn out to be something similar; namely, when you die, your thoughts/identity are downloaded to a different universe.… This, however, seems different, in that is will probably simply be an evil Cybermen plot. Also, what happens to the people who burn? Do they incinerate/disappear? Or do they just suffer terribly until their body is gone, and then feel fine. Do people who rot suffer over a long period of time? Can’t people be put into artificial comas while they are being cremated, so that they sleep through it? So many questions. I hope at least some are answered next week.

    #4) Then there are questions about Timelord gender/sexation switching. Can a Timelord be transgendered? In order for this to be the case, they would need to identify with a particular gender. Perhaps Timelords don’t identify with either female or male genders, because they are essentially both, or potentially both, so they are essentially a-gendered. So it would be correct to say that the Master is biologically female but not female gendered (in fact, a-gendered). There is also the possibility that Timelords might identify with a particular gender even though they can potentially change their biological sex. In that case, say the Master identifies as male gendered, and now is in a female body, which would mean that if he wants sexy times with the Doctor [shipper/slash], he is gay, even though he is biologically female. Or perhaps he has always identified as female gendered, even though he has mostly been in biologically male bodies, which would mean that he is really a she, and always has been, even though she is now biologically female for the first time. I tend to like the idea that Timelords are a-gendered. I’ve always liked the idea, also, that the Doctor was a-sexual. Can an a-gendered entity be misogynistic, or homophobic? I’m thinking no, because bodies are bodies are bodies…

  2. I just want to say that I think we always have to look at meta issues of a show. For better or worse every story has meaning for us. They are OUR stories, whether they are about aliens or what have you. To not analyze the messages of these stories FOR US is to miss what makes them beautiful and problematic and meaningful for us.

    Also, I see the Time Lords relationship to gender as much more queer and fluid than ours and I agree that most everything Missy has done this season is to mess with the Doctor cuz that’s what that character does. It’s very in keeping with everything I’ve seen with them (which admittedly is all New Who).

    Anyway I was very excited to see this show post since I’ve been waiting to hear your gloating all week. 🙂 I definitely jumped out of my seat with excitement when Missy revealed herself.

      • I’m very glad it made sense to you. I wrote my Masters thesis on stories and their impact/implications for the audience and society from social justice perspective. (And I used New Who as a point of analysis). Even after all that thought and work I’m never sure my thinking will make sense to others but I keep trying. 🙂

        And that’s not to say I think it’s bad for us to make problematic societies/cultures (like what you were talking about on this episode), I think it’s really important we DO do that. I just also think when we do that we have some part/character/whatever that points to the problematic thing (like Cassandra suggested with Missy calling the Doctor out on a transphobic joke, if the writers decide to go there).

        So anyway keep up the good work and keep looking at the meta messages. 🙂

  3. As a follow to doc’s question: does this mean in the future that the rani come back on the show as a male ? Aka idris elba as the rani?


    • At this point, I think Idris Elba is probably way too big of an actor to play any part on Doctor Who. Rani or otherwise.

  4. While watching this episode, I immediately thought of you guys when the reveal happened. You are obviously prophets who see the future so I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Space Irish Jaws in the second part of the finale.

    • Not a bad notion in theory, but at 79 I think she might be too old to be running around as the Doctor. I mean, Hartnell was 58 when he retired from the role, so I can’t imagine someone picking it up at 80.

      • You have a point there. She can probably still kick butt, but sadly, her help may be an issue, much like it was with Hartnell.

  5. Just saw the second part of the season finale and the last fifteen minutes ruined the whole season for me.

    It makes the season pointless and tarnishes the legacy of a claasic who character. And on top of that they commit the cardinal sin of all rom coms.

    Stupid mofffet… ……

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