The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 210 – Into the Woods

doctorscompanionrssBillions of trees have engulfed the planet and Scott, Cassandra and Nick have a disparity of opinions over the Series 8 episode “In the Forest of the Night”. While leaving a London museum sleepover with a group of students Clara and Danny are surprised to find London has been covered in a thick forest overnight. Can the Doctor solve the mystery of the trees while solar flared threaten to devastate the planet? Will Clara come clean to Danny about her adventures with the Doctor? Who’s the girl in the bush? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

NEXT: “Dark Water”

11 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 210 – Into the Woods

  1. Have not listened to this episode yet (still not on iTunes Australia), but how exciting was that teaser for Dark Water!

  2. Just wanted to comment on spoilers – do you really think anyone ever listens to your non-spoiler intro, then watches the episode and then comes back and finishes the podcast?
    It just seems so unlikely. Even if you all hated the episode I would watch it for myself.

  3. Yeah, we’ve definitely talked about this off-mic. I think our stance on the spoiler-free opening is if even one listener out there actually *does* listen to the top of the show before watching the episode, it’s worth not going into spoilers. Plus it keeps the discussion somewhat ordered, despite my best efforts.

  4. Many times I have listened to the intro without having seen the episode, then gone back and watched the episode, and then returned to listen to the rest of the podcast. I can confirm that this does indeed take place in reality!

  5. I doesn’t stop me from watching the episode, but sometimes I’ll check in to see what the “word on the street” is about an episode if I haven’t watched it yet…

  6. I truly hope that Martha gets blown up in Dark Water. She is the worst companion, in my opinion. I always got sick of her pining over the Doctor while he is clearly still pining for Rose. But I shall stop ranting here, and go on hoping its true

  7. Hey scott where can I send my questions to? I have a lot questions I would like you to address on next week podcast.

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