The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 204 – Theory and Conjecture

doctorscompanionrssTheories fly as Scott, Cassandra and Nick attempt to dismantle the incredibly complex Series 8 episode “Listen”. The Doctor finds himself pondering the ramifications of a seemingly simple question and takes Clara along in his quest to find the answer. Are we ever truly alone? What is Clara’s connection to Danny Pink’s timeline? Who is in the bed in the barn? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

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9 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 204 – Theory and Conjecture

  1. Oh my gosh your Master theory – I want that to happen so, so badly. xD That would be quite a shock if Moffat ends up doing that. Loved your chatter for this ep, but this took the cake. And yes, the costuming this season is just sooooo good. Every week I’m curious to see how Clara’s and the Doctor’s outfits change. (Howard Burden did the costumes for The Musketeers as well and those are so gorgeous, too – that guy has talent).

    • Thanks Selestina! And wow, Howard Burden is a hell of a costume designer! Can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve (so to speak) this season.

  2. I am loving the theories! You guys are way more up on Doctor Who than I am, so hearing the stuff you come up with is amazing. Even if these theories don’t end up being true, just coming up with ideas is great fun.

    The show is 4 for 4 so far, and so are you guys! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Thanks Poly! I’d forgotten how much I love Doctor Who being such a puzzle! It’s been pretty straight forward lately, so have such juicy stuff to work with has been a lot of fun!

  3. A good episode of a Doctor Who podcast is one with a spirited conversation with invested, engaged participants who share their unique thoughts and opinions. A really good episode, however, is one where my perception of an episode — or the show in general — is altered. This latest podcast ranks as the latter. You brought a number of different interpretations to the table which I had not independently managed to derive. You guys are firing on all cylinders right now.

    By the way, the Master theory is really interesting, and it would be fascinating to see it play out. That said, even if it doesn’t, the moment will forever remain a beautiful moment between Clair and a young Doctor. Really really beautiful, touching moment.

    • Thank you SO MUCH, Doc. Really means a lot to hear. And yeah, I like our Master theory a lot, but like you said, it’s a great scene regardless. And coming up with the theory was fun enough, that if it’s not true, it won’t impede my enjoyment at all.

  4. Hello guys just wanted to share a theory I had. Everyone is day why isn’t the doctor looking for Gallifrey? What if he is? In almost every episode he is writing out equations on the chalkboard. What if at the end the season or the beginning of nine it’s revealed that he has figured out where Gallifrey is and that’s what he had been working on all season?

  5. Holy crap, James! That would be seriously cool. Hope the writers are on the same wavelength.

  6. I’ve just recently discovered your Podcast (after trying a few which all were pretty terrible). The Doctor’s Companion stands out by far as one of the better Doctor Who review and discussion podcasts I’ve found, so thanks for being awesome.

    Now, your theory about who the child was at the end of the episode… wow. That just splattered my brain all over the wall, Rick Grimes-style. That is awesome! What’s more, form our vantage point of having seen all of season * and season 9 about to launch, it could still be the real thing. I seriously hope so. It would explain so much about the forthcoming relationship between Missy and Clara. It’s sheer brilliance.

    On a personal note, I’m not very keen on the whole gender-swapping Time Lords thing so have been secretly hoping that what we’re seeing with Missy is The Master having stolen the Rani’s body – ala Tremas of Traken to create Anthony AInley’s Master. Wouldn’t another Time Lord be the ultimate host for The Master’s disembodied consciousness?

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