The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 201 – The Clocks Strike Twelve

doctorscompanionrssThe Doctor has a new face, a new accent, and a new outlook as Scott, Cassandra and Nick discuss the Series 8 episode “Deep Breath”. A freshly regenerated Twelfth Doctor arrives in Victorian London only to discover a series of murders that involve a dinosaur’s mysterious burning. Can the new Doctor get it together in time to save the people of London from being used for spare parts? Will Clara be able to accept that this strange man is the same Doctor she’s known all this time? What do Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax have to do in this story? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

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4 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 201 – The Clocks Strike Twelve

  1. I agree with alot of what you guys have to say about the episode. I was very pleasantly surprised by just about all of it.
    I also agree that Moffat should not rehash the clockwork guys like he has so many other villains and that Nick’s thought on our new mystery lady being The Master is an interesting one. Certainly fits at least a little bit with what she was saying. Also Heaven..Utopia, there’s at least a thematic similarity there as well.

    I’m a new audience member and really like what I’m hearing. Good job all.

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