The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 196 – Jurassic Parked

doctorscompanionrssThe Cult of Morbius is up to no good as Scott and guest host Paul Montgomery listen to Series Two of the Paul McGann Eighth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish Audio. The Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller set out on a series of adventures ranging from an Auton community stuck on repeat, a cosmic murder mystery, a 19th century train caper, and the resurrection of the evil Time Lord Morbius. Can the Doctor get out of a ticket for double parking the TARDIS before he’s sentenced to death? Will Lucy discover the truth about her Aunty Pat? How long does it take for Morbius to get bored of conquering the universe? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

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