The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 168 – President Jerk

doctorscompanionrssGallifrey is being invaded but Scott and Matt are concerned that The Doctor is acting like kind of a jerk in the Tom Baker 6-part serial “The Invasion of Time”. The Doctor returns to Gallifrey and is inaugurated President in a plot to eradicate an invading alien group called the Vardans. Why does Leela decide to stay on Gallifrey? Where did the Sontarans come from? Will the Doctor be able to stop being a jerk long enough to stop a double invasion? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

Next: Sylvester McCoy and “Survival”!!

3 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 168 – President Jerk

  1. Hey guys,

    I’m a fan of your Doctor Who podcasts. I appreciate your passion, humor,
    and insights. I’ve also been checking out some of your other podcasts, and
    am looking forward to when you start talking about Veronica Mars.

    I myself am a longtime Classic Who fan (or Whomo(s), as I like to call us
    [someone once used that term derisively in my presence, and I thought it
    was so clever I decided to keep it/appropriate it for myself]), but I am
    not knowledgeable/schooled in the phenomenon of Big Finish. I mean, I know
    OF Big Finish, and I know that Colin Baker was utterly redeemed by his work
    therein, and that Paul McGann also got a substantial run, but I think it
    would be fabulous if you guys did a show about the best that Big Finish has
    to offer.

    I watched Colin Baker when I was a kid, and liked him a lot. I even joined
    a fan club called The Friends of Colin and Tom Baker so I could get his
    mailing address. I wrote both Colin and Tom. From Tom I received an
    autographed picture, from Colin I received a multi-paged letter replete
    with brochures for the plays he was currently in. It was the sweetest
    thing ever. He didn’t have to do that, but he did…

    I’m particularly interested in learning about Colin’s work, but I’m also
    interested in McGann’s as well. That said, I’d love to hear about the
    others as well. I guess in my brain, it would be awesome if you guys did
    something like a top ten or top five Big Finish for each Doctor.

    Anyway, just my thoughts. Keep up the great work. You guys obviously have
    a lot of fun doing what you do, and it translates into the show. I’m
    looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the upcoming 50th, etc.



    • Hey, Alan! Thanks for the love! I know I speak for Scott when I say we really appreciate it.

      But let’s do this. Big Finish. First off, if you’re interested in some standalone Big Finish stories I would recommend listening to the show this coming week because we’re gonna be highlighting four more-or-less standalone stories from Big Finish for Doctors 5-8.

      Anywhere you wanna go for Colin Baker in Big Finish is going to be pretty great. Hop onto any of the stories with him and Evelyn Smythe and you’re going to do just fine. Start with “The Marian Conspiracy” and then move on from there. Of particular note are “Jubilee” and “Doctor Who and the Pirates”. If you’re not feeling like such a commitment I would definitely recommend the trilogy with original companion “Flip”. She starts in “The Curse of Davros” and then continues in “The Fourth Wall” and “Wirrn Isle.” And if you like those you’re in luck because Big Finish is doing a trilogy of 6th/Flip storylines starting in January of next year.

      For the 8th Doctor I have to admit that I have an affiinity for his stories with Charley Pollard. There’s some stinkers in there (Minuet in Hell, Zagreus, and half of the Divergent Universe arc come to mind) but there’s also REAL greatness (“Chimes of Midnight”, “Seasons of Fear”, “Neverland”, “Terror Firma”…).

      More than anything though, it’s hard to argue that you shouldn’t just jump to the 8th Doctor Adventures starring Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller. It’s four seasons and super duper great. There’s some of it that’s lackluster and some that really benefits from a deep knowledge of Doctor Who mythology (“The Eight Truths/Worldwide Web”, “Relative Dimensions”) but it’s ridiculously good and worth the listen.

      Hope that helps. If you want a few specific recommendations to keep costs down I can also do those.

      And again, thanks for the feedback!

  2. I’m feeling like a commitment, so I’m gonna jump right in with “The Martian Conspiracy,” and then move on up.


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