The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 142 – What’s in a Name?

doctorscompanionrssThe Doctor’s biggest secret is revealed while Scott and Matt are coming from very different places in regards to the final episode of series 7, “The Name of the Doctor”. The Great Intelligence forces the Doctor to go to where he “must never ever go” and face his biggest secret. How will the Doctor stop his timeline from being rewritten by the Great Intelligence? What is his biggest secret? And who is the Doctor? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

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7 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 142 – What’s in a Name?

  1. I liked this episode. My kids head exploded. My wife loved it. I watched it 4 times already. Its certainly better than I expected. I think it was genius that they separated the number of regenerations from the number of “Doctors” there have been which turns what is cannon on this show completely on its head. Brain of Morbius anyone?
    Is John Hurt Time War Doctor or Doctor 0? Or is he The Other from the books?

    I think that more than anything this doctor who episode has me interested in where they take the anniversary in the show. This could be very good, or fall so flat I will break my TV. I won’t know until November. Before saturday I was far more interested in what Big Finish was releasing than the TV show. Now I am interested in both again. Mission accomplished BBC.

    Matt, I think that your opinion of Doctor Who has codified now that you have watched it all. Classic Who has no longer become a living story to you. It’s history to you now your blog is done. I don’t think anything in new who will be capable changing the story you have in your mind on old who. Take it from someone who has listened to every Big Finish main line story, almost all the target novels and lots of new adventure stuff, you can never let what has come before be an obstacle for what comes next.

  2. Hi Guys,

    I have not listened to your podcast yet, so forgive me if I repeat something or seem off track.
    Firstly the good stuff. I think Clara’s story had a satisfactory explanation and ending, insofar as it now makes sense why she has appeared in different places and times, and also why she has died. Naturally this is not a 50 year plan of Moffat, so he could only introduce the idea this season, and insert footage against classic doctors.
    Secondly, I think John Hurt would be an inspired choice for the next incarnation of the Doctor. I know it won’t happen, the BBC hasn’t got a big enough liquor cabinet, and I assume Mr Hurt is a very busy man. However, an older, more serious Doctor is exactly what I think the show needs. Regardless, the reveal of him at the end of the episode blew me away (stupid credits notwithstanding).

    However this episode had several problems in my view.
    Firstly, how exactly does Clara defeat the Great Intelligence? Presumably they both meet the Doctor at all of his time lines, and presumably they battle each other each time to save or destroy the Doctor. This bit was not satisfactorily explained.

    Why is this show so afraid of killing off a main cast member when appropriate? Clara was warned that entering the Doctor’s remains would destroy her, but her sacrifice is cheapened by the Doctor presumably saving her. In my view Clara’s story came to a natural ending at this point, and what a way to go out! We were told too that Jenny was dead, but she is easily resurrected for no great reason.

    The motives of the GI seemed extremely vague to me. He could have been any generic villain. In fact given who it was, I would have at least expected the appearance of a Yeti or two. Maybe in the 50th…

    Overall I found this the weakest season of new Who, although the second half was an improvement on the first. I enjoyed River Song, but she should never return.

  3. By the way, the title of the 50th anniversary special will be “Two and a Half Doctors”. You heard it here first and I take requests.

  4. I guess im the only one who really likes Melody Pond. I really want a season of River and the doctor. At some poiny

    • Actually I thought River Song was a great character and a good actress.
      The idea of her life interacting backwards with the Doctor was great, and well overdue for a show about time travel.
      I guess my problem now is that her story is over (in Doctor Who anyway), so any further appearances are pointless.

      However, I think she could make a great spin off series. She reminds me a lot of the Bernice Summerfield character, and her book and audio adventures fit perfectly in the Whoverse with minimal interaction with the Doctor. This interests me a whole lot more than (say) a series with the Victorian trio.

      • Was a time I woulda agreed with both of you, and honest to god that they NEVER did a season of The Doctor and River is the biggest slight Moffat ever gave to that character. The poetry to her (the running backwards across time) is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever heard and it was honestly really rather squandered.

        Now I’m not sure about her even in a spinoff capacity. I’m not super familiar with Benny (I’ve heard some of her audioplays) but she at least has the semblance of being a complicated character. When you dig into River it becomes fairly obvious that there’s not a whole lot there and any gravitas is mostly carried by Alex Kingston, while the smug smarmyness (that honestly got impossibly irritating at a certain point) is realy all Moffat is interested in exploring with the character.

        Its a shame, really. The potential was insane.

  5. At some point i want to see what it means for the doctor to have a child. And how they deal with Susan being his granddaughter.

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