The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 137 – Coming Out of Your Shell

doctorscompanionrssThere’s an Ice Warrior on the loose while Scott and Matt have a¬†surprisingly¬†good time with the eighth episode of series 7, “Cold War”. The TARDIS materializes on a Soviet submarine in 1983 just as an Ice Warrior thaws out from a five thousand year long nap in a block of ice. Can the Doctor convince the Russian Captain that he and Clara aren’t spies in time to save them from the lone Ice Warrior’s wrath? What does this story have in common with “Dalek” from series 1? How do they make the Ice Warrior sound less lame? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

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6 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 137 – Coming Out of Your Shell

  1. After listening to your review I’m guessing I would have liked this episode more if I’d seen any of Classic Who. I just found myself bored with this episode for the most part. I just found it really hard to engage with anything that was going on.

    • That’s generally how I feel about Gatiss-penned episodes. So you may be right. I’m really not sure how I would feel about this episode if I’d never seen an Ice Warriors story before. There’s a strong chance that this wasn’t as strong as Matt and I may have thought. We’ve always said that Gatiss relies too heavily on call-backs. Maybe this is another case of that, but we were too entertained by them to notice.

      Do you like the episode “Dalek” from series one?

      • It’s actually been about 3 years since I’ve seen Dalek so I don’t really remember my first impression of it but I don’t recall being bored with it or disliking it.

  2. So I have watched this episode a few times. I liked it, my son lost interest in it and wandered off 30 min in (mind you he is still scared of weeping angels and he loves dr. who) which is telling. It seems like a plot 1/2 done to me. There should have been more. I know it came in short, but geez how hard would it be to pad a returning monster after 30 years? It needed a few more character moments in there for the Ice Warrior, not to establish him, but Ice Warriors in general.
    Its is still one of the best showings for Gatiss in new who which is encouraging. I wish he would go off the chain more.
    As an exercise in alternate history, go listen to the review of “victory of the daleks” the flashing blade podcast and listen to episode 46 @ 44 min. It is a fantastic retelling of a Gatiss penned story as a 2 parter that shows you what could be if there was a stronger editor on the table.

    • I agree that I find myself disappointed as I think back on it a day later. Most of that is because it’s based around one exceedingly good idea (An Ice Warrior who abandons its suit) and not much else. Compared to Dalek, Dalek has that idea (one Dalek vs “an entire colony”) and then plays with that nonstop for about forty minutes. Here, the core idea doesn’t happen until about fifteen minutes in and is done fifteen minutes later. And even then it doesn’t really milk it for all its worth. You have an Ice Warrior who’s at the end of its rope, who’s doing his hail mary play (stepping out of its armor, the greatest dishonor) and he’s… what? Used for base tension and sulking around the walls of the ship?

      Again, I liked it, but I can’t pretend it was perfect. I get being bored (hell, I even get walking out). But for me the episode worked. And that is just dandy for me.

      • oh matt, they did do the sonic gun, but it was super brief after the opening. 3:13 in the episode. he shoots it down the hall, change perspective to dead on, you see a sonic wave, someone jumps though a port and screams.

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