The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 135 – Spoon-fed Wi-Fi

doctorscompanionrssThe Wi-Fi is evil but Scott and Matt aren’t afraid of the sixth episode of series 7, “The Bells of Saint John”.

The Doctor finds Clara in 21st Century London, but before he can make her a proper companion he must stop the sinister Wi-Fi that has been downloading people all over the city. Can the Doctor save Clara from another untimely death? Who is behind the Wi-Fi and the soul stealing Spoonheads? Why does this all feel so familiar? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

Plus! Jon Pertwee and “The Spear of Destiny”!!

Next: Matt Smith and “The Rings of Akhaten”!!

12 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 135 – Spoon-fed Wi-Fi

  1. Lol, you guys need to calm down on the preface warning about how much you love the show but are allowed to hate an episode, I think 2 min was a bit long. Apart from that, good show.

    I think you are right about the Moff needing a break and there needing a new show runner to start coming in. Lets hope for Toby Whithouse to come in but I fear that Mark Gatiss will end up getting the nod. I haven’t read Gatiss’ Who novels, so I don’t know how well his writing is in a less compressed form and if his episodes suffer from hatcheting or vision. Lets hope its the former. I think we all agree that with Being Human UK over, Whithouse would bring a fantastic Who to the screen. A second coming of the Hammer Horror that Hinchcliffe/Holmes brought to Who.

    • Apparently we do, because this is the time of year that we always get tons of 1-star reviews on iTunes because no one can handle us having an opinion that isn’t drooling all over the brilliant infallible mind of Steven Moffat. So the warnings will continue but I promise they won’t be so long in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I really hope you’re not right about Gatiss. That would be the blandest version of Doctor Who to ever be produced. I’d honestly prefer Moffat over Gatiss.

      That being said, I have heard WAY more rumors and rumblings about Whithouse taking over the show than Gatiss, so I’m hoping that’s indicative of who the BBC is most interested in for the job. I’m not sure that BBC would want another showrunner with split loyalties after Moffat w/ Sherlock. Plus, Whithouse taking over after his BBC spy drama mini-series next year really does seem to sync up quite nicely w/ Moffat’s rumored exit (end of series 8). So looks like everything’s coming up Whithouse!

      • I agree, however Gatiss has been hanging on the series since before day one of it coming back making fan made productions and related media. He is doing the “adventures in time and space” docudrama (which I think will be his audition for the BBC to head Who itself). He has been in as long as Moffat writing stories, done books, and what I find most telling….has co-creator credit on Sherlock. This last one scares me more than anything else. From BBC point of view you have the success cred of Sherlock, the “knows the material cred”, the writing cred, and someone who would chop off an arm to get the job.

    • To just throw Gatiss under the bus a bit. I have listened to several of his Big Finish audio plays, and while they were from over a decade ago I can’t say they inspired much confidence at all. Like Scott says above, Gatiss is just bland. Little more.

  2. I think we can all agree Whithouse would be the choice for change and new life, but Gatiss is on the inside and is in a position to strong to not think he is the de-facto to get the nod. Listening to other Who podcasts, they feel Gatiss is great choice, but my gut says that Whithouse would make for an era of Who that could be looked back on as historic as Hinchcliffe, or Letts where Gatiss would be more like JNT or Bidmead.

    • The people who say Gatiss is “a great choice” are people I will never, ever understand. Much less agree with.

  3. It could be just me, and that I missed something (I hope that I did) while having my palm pressed firmly against my forehead BUT the big revel that everyone captured on webcam had their place of employment as The Shard on social media…

    …was that just nonsensical once we reached the end and the ‘factory default’ made everyone grab their heads and wonder how they got to be where they were?

    I agree with you both that this was just really rehashing themes and ideas that have been presented before; which made me think it was a podcast I’d listened to before (nawww- not really)!
    Thanks for a really great show ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No, I think that still plays.

      They were still themselves before being reset, they may have been working for the Great Intelligence but their lives had carried on as normal (with the exception of being controlled by their boss’ ipad), including having a presence on social media sites. The ‘factory default’ setting just reverted their memory to before they started working there to protect the identity of the Great Intelligence.

  4. I though the episode was pretty meh, but for slightly different reasons than you all (though I loved The Snowmen). I was honestly confused about the whole first 10 minutes or so. I thought there was going to be a “finding Clara” story happening, but there wasn’t at all. Instead she calls him through the help desk? Was the Doctor intercepting all phone calls in Britain or…. I honestly felt stupid not getting how he found here like that.

    I agree with Matt about how Clara not being the companion yet. We all know she’s going to be the companion so this “will she, won’t she” stuff is just unnecessary and annoying. And I also agree with Scott that we know whatever resolution they come up with for her being in multiple time period as multiple period is going to be stupid and frustrating, so it does make sense not to care about it.

    • I had a similar feeling about The Doctor and Clara. He runs out of his self-imposed exile in the Snowmen because he’s energized about finding her. And yet when we cut back to him at the start of this he’s brooding in a Monk costume with NO aspirations of moving forward. That, to me, is maddening and tells me that Moffat isn’t putting his thoughts into emotional/psychological continuity and is focusing on what might be the flashiest and coolest. Which, surprise surprise, I’m not interested in.

  5. Good ol’ Ian Levine. I get the feeling he’s never stopped being 10 despite pushing 60.

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