The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 128 – A Concorde Flight to Nowhere

doctorscompanionrssThe Master is being racially insensitive while Scott and Matt are forced to eat the saltine cracker that is the Peter Davison 4-part serial “Time-Flight”.

While investigating a vanishing Concorde at Heathrow Airport, the Doctor and his companions are thrown millions of years back in time, when a mysterious alien called Kalid is trying to control the ancient powers of the Xeraphin. Who is Kalid and what is he hiding? How will the TARDIS crew cope with the loss of Adric? Who get left behind? Find out in the latest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

Next: Tom Baker and “The Leisure Hive”!!

One thought on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 128 – A Concorde Flight to Nowhere

  1. Hey there NotthatMattSmith and ProbablythesameScottCarelli. Great episode, as per. And -hey-, nice to give a shout out to your foreign listeners too. I feel under obligation to post finally on your website if only to say that it is I… [grabs a little flap of skin at the corner of his neck and pulls it away over his head to reveal…] The Time Meddler! And from my secret hideaway here in sunny Australia I’ve been listening to your podcast(s) ever since you were Scott and Ben. So you must be doing something right.

    But… wait! For I am also… [falls on ground, writhes a bit in a fair amount of green snot and then inexplicably leaps up to reveal…] that “guy” who gets into Scott’s head every time he almost pronounces Davros incorrectly… And I *still* wince every time you talk about Omega and pronounce his name oh-May-gah. Like he’s one of the Pi-Gamma-Delta frat boys as opposed to the Stellar Engineer who invented time travel. For shame.

    Of course I jest. Enjoying the podcast loads still, especially point where I find myself SCREAMING at you both from my car when your opinions are horrifically misguided. “Vengeance on Varos” rubbish? You poor, deranged fools.

    But wait! For I am also… [shimmery points of light form around my face amidst harmonious twinkly music until my (admittedly gorgeous) form coalesces into the silver-painted features of…] the hideously drunk Australian who did the fan commentary on “Survival”! So when you eventually get to that gem (please don’t trash it), you can at least pride yourselves on doing a better number on it than we did.

    Looking forward to “The Leisure Hive”. (Hint: it’s awesome, and when we watched it back in 1980 it was akin to ‘Star Wars’. The shift in special effects was *incredible*). You’re doing a brill job, keep it up…!

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