The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 116 – Are You My Mummy?

The Doctor is solving riddles while Scott and Matt are in awe of the Tom Baker 4-part serial “Pyramids of Mars”.

The TARDIS ends up in 1911 England where the Doctor and Sarah Jane get wrapped up in the mysterious mummies that are roaming the area. Who is controlling these mummies? What does it have to do with Mars? Is Sarah Jane a good shot? Find out in the newest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

Plus! Our series 5 revisit of “Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone”!!

Next: Peter Davison and “Earthshock”!! (Plus “The Vampires of Venice”)

2 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 116 – Are You My Mummy?

  1. Great episode like always guys. I hadn’t heard of Pyramids of Mars but I’ll definitely be watching it now.

    Only having started listening to Doctor’s Companion (long long time listener of your others) recently, I was expecting to hear that you didn’t like Time of Angels and I was surprised to hear that you both love it so… I don’t share your enthusiasm. The two parter is my least favorite of the angels episodes, actually.

    My main problem is that too much is going on in the episode and nothing gets the attention it deserves. There are the clerics, River, the trapped angel(s), angels on television, angels in your eye, angels talking, and the crack in the wall. I never felt like I understood why River took them here, why the clerics were also there, or why it was so much easier to escape from angels this time (there were many scenes where they were seemingly surrounded yet I never got the impression that they were staring all that hard).

    I also didn’t find Father Octavian to be that compelling of a character. He was mostly absent a personality and although he seemed like a good guy, it wasn’t enough for me to care that he died (the way he died was interesting though).

    • See, I’d argue that saying “nothing gets the attention it deserves” really sinks you on every subsequent Moffat-era story. Sure, I guess they could do more with it? But what else is there? The angel in the TV was given a wonderful set piece. The Angel in the eye coulda been more, yes, (maybe someone slowly transforms into an angel?) but it was still given a lot of play. And the crack was really something Moffat was setting up for later.

      As far as plot points go I think the Clerics were called in to investigate the crash/watch River while River brought The Doctor along so she could take out the Weeping Angel in the Byzantium’s hold.

      And yeah Octavian (and the rest of the marines) weren’t well sketched out. But Iain Glenn, man. Dude does it for me.

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