The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 110 – Crossing The Line

With a gunslinging Cyborg on the loose, Scott and Matt are chewing toothpicks in honor of the Matt Smith episode “A Town Called Mercy”.

The Doctor arrives in the old western town of Mercy and finds them terrified of a killer cyborg hunting for a “doctor from space”. Who is the doctor the cyborg is looking for? Why is the cyborg so hellbent on revenge? What new language is the Doctor fluent in this time? Find out in the newest episode of The Doctor’s Companion! And remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

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6 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 110 – Crossing The Line

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you guys said about this episode. It was a lot of fun, and it had several great ideas supporting the main plot/story. And if nothing else, this episode reminded me how much I miss Ben Browder. I am a huge Farscape fan and I enjoyed his turn on Stargate SG-1, so getting to see Ben Browder in this episode was a treat.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, but I must admit that Ben Browder was 100% new to me. I’ve seen neither Farscape nor Stargate. But I did like him quite a bit.

      • *steps onto Farscape soap box*

        Farscape is my all time favorite science fiction TV series. It starts out a little clunky, but by the end it’s become an epic space opera with some crazy sensibilities that give it a unique flavor that I personally love to death.

        I’ve often described Farscape to friends as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Space”. In fact, I’m pretty sure I went into detail about why I call it that on the Geekshow website a time or two in the past. Both shows have ensemble casts. Both shows do a good job of actions having consequences. Characters change and grow quite a lot over time. Both shows mix in plenty humor with the darker/serious drama. And both shows develop a rich mythology over time after humble beginnings.

        Farscape also has kickass puppetry & prosthetics work by Henson Studios. There are very good reasons why the “previously on” segment for the final episode of the show was a flash cut montage of every single creature ever on the show. They did a lot of them over the years, and they were almost always brilliantly done. Not to mention the two main characters of the show that are straight-up puppets.

        I know you guys already have a ton of shows and movies that you watch already, but if you ever get a hankering for a “spaceship show”, give Farscape a shot. Like any other show, it’s got some rough edges here and there, but the journey is totally worth every second.

        *steps down from Farscape soap box*

  2. Hey guys,

    If I remember correctly the third episode of season 6 was Curse of the Black Spot and for season 5 it was Victory of the Daleks. So they seem to have escaped the third episode slump this year.

    I really enjoyed the episode, and was pleased that they sort of explained why Matt Smith was so callous in essentially executing a character last week. Having said that, I found the said explanation a bit heavy handed. Don’t you think Amy managed to turn around the Doctor’s attitude rather too quickly? Like you implied, I think this was a Moffat edit to the script to ensure it fitted with the season long continuity.

    The sets were gorgeous, as was most of the cinematography. Does anyone know where the town/desert scenes were filmed? Was it in the states? I thought the spaceship was a bit bland and generic, but the costumes and so on were terrific.

    Like you I am a bit confused as to why Amy and Rory are going home after each episode. There should have been an explanation that makes sense.

    • You’re absolutely right that the turnaround in this episode happened a little too fast. If I had to blame it on something, I’d blame it on the 45 minute structure and how you have to have The Doctor go from one extreme to another very quickly. That’s the one thing in the episode that lost me: The Doctor is screaming and running the guy out of town and then becomes his protector about three minutes later. Also, was the gun moment really necessary? I didn’t buy it from a character stand point. It makes a statement, sure, but it also in no way felt earned. At all.

      The episode was filmed in Spain on old spaghetti western sets from Sergio Leone movies (which I love). As to the costumes, well.. no one does costume drama quite so good as the BBC.

  3. The timeskips all seem like a ploy to bridge the gap between the campanions. Its not that i hate amy it’s just that there is really no reason for her to be on show. Her character arc has been over since last season. The only thing that could save this season is the master or captain jack. Or an old companion coming back.

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