SPACED 104: Battles

Daisy adopts a dog named Colin. Tim takes Mike to a paintball range and runs into his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

GUESTS: Hunter Canedy and Kevin Miller

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SPACED 103: Art

Tim plays too much Resident Evil. Daisy interviews for a job at a magazine. Brian’s ex-partner invites him to a showing of their newest performance piece.

GUESTS: Jason Hammons, Rachael Pedersen, & Mat Davis-Hockett

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SPACED 102: Gatherings

To avoid writing, Daisy decides to throw a housewarming party and invites their friends and neighbors. Tim reluctantly agrees.

GUESTS: Cassandra Fredrickson and Crystal Beth

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SPACED 101: Beginnings

Tim Bisley and Daisy Steiner meet by chance and hatch a plan to a rent a flat that requires a professional couple by pretending to be one.

GUESTS: Zach Luna and Nick Ferguson

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PILOT: The Cornetto Minute

The Cornetto Minute is the daily podcast that will analyze and celebrate Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy one minute at a time!

In this episode, hosts Scott Carelli and Nick Jimenez introduce the show and share their memories of how they first watched Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End.

The Cornetto Minute begins with Shaun of the Dead on October 2, 2017!