5.04 – The Visitation

The TARDIS travels to 17th Century London where a trio of Terileptil prison escapees intend to wipe out all indigenous life on Earth using plague-infected rats.

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5.03 – Kinda


The TARDIS crew arrive on the planet Deva Loka where a conflict between a human exposition and the native population escalates when an evil force possesses Tegan and then one of their own.

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5.02 – Four to Doomsday


The TARDIS crew arrive on a spaceship headed for Earth with a megalomaniacal Urbankan known as Monarch who intends to time travel to the Big Bang and become God.

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5.01 – Castrovalva


The Master captures TARDIS crew member Adric in a web of power lines as fellow companions Tegan and Nyssa take the Doctor to the planet Castrovalva to recover from his most unstable regeneration yet.

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The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 102 – Costume Party

The Doctor is playing cricket while Scott and Matt are confused by the fandom hatred of the Peter Davison 2-part serial “Black Orchid”.  Continue reading

The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 91 – Fish Armadillos and Disco Androids

The Doctor might not be the best navigator but Scott and Matt are emencely entertained in the Peter Davison 4-part serial, “The Visitation”. Continue reading