10.04 – School Reunion


The Doctor is reunited with Sarah Jane Smith while working undercover at a high school.

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9.04 – Aliens of London/World War III

An alien spacecraft crash lands in the middle of London as the Doctor and Rose return to Earth a year later than expected.

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11.02 – The Beast Below


The Doctor and Amy arrive on a spaceship that has no engine filled with people who choose to forget a horrible secret.

GUEST: Rachel and Lauren of The Fordcast

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Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: Leaper 182

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10.01 – The Christmas Invasion


Rose brings the Doctor back to London just in time for Christmas, but the residual energy he is releasing from his recent regeneration attracts an alien species to Earth called the Sycorax who demand total control of the planet, with the lives of a third of Earth’s population as collateral.

Plus, we chat about the announcement of Pearl Mackie as new companion “Bill”.

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9.01 – Rose


A twenty-something shopgirl is attacked by mannequin dummies made of living plastic when she is saved by a mysterious man known only as the Doctor.

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