Toy Story 2 Minute 1- Eating Toast in a Public Bathroom

We’re back with Toy Story 2! Not much happens in the first minute, so join Jon and Jeb as they talk through the troubled production of this 1999 classic.

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Knick Knack

It’s 1989 and Pixar is releasing its last short before they release a real movie! What will this lascivious snowman do to hang out with some censored lady toys? Quite a bit of cartoon stuff.

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Tin Toy

When we first wanted to join Dueling Genre, Scott asked us to record a demo. So we decided to talk about the proto-Toy Story, the 1988 Pixar short Tin Toy. Here it is, in all of its early audio glory! Let’s talk scary babies and the roughest of drafts for the movie series we all know and love. Continue reading

Red’s Dream

It’s 1987 and Pixar is getting into a rut with its animations. They’re not focused on story, but on marketing, and boy does it show with this clunker of a short. Join us as we explore lumpy clowns and stock sound effects in Red’s Dream.

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Luxo Jr.

It’s 1986 and all the kids are obsessed with these new computing machines. What if we made a cartoon with them and also made it good? Luxo Jr., that’s what. We also talk Toy Story news and the recent revelations about John Lasseter’s more unsavory behavior.

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The Adventures of Andre and Wally B

In the long-ago time of 1984, a guy who we now know is a perv but didn’t when we recorded this had the idea to make a short film, but with computers? Continue reading