SHAUN Minute 57: Doppelgang

Shaun’s group crosses paths with Yvonne’s group.

GUEST: Chris O’Connor

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SPACED 206: Dissolution

Daisy suffers some melancholy about turning 26. Mike is upset with Tim for missing his promotion. Marsha discovers that Tim and Daisy aren’t a real couple.

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SPACED 204: Help

After Tyres delivers his portfolio to Dark Star Comics, Tim has to steal back a questionable piece of art that was put back by accident. Brian is visited by his mother. Daisy and Marsha exercise.

GUESTS: Mark Ybarra and Ethan McKinley

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SPACED 203: Mettle

Mike and Tim compete to get on Robot Wars. Daisy gets a job in a restaurant kitchen. Brian is given the chance to create an art installation.

GUESTS: Jonfen Parker and Darren Husted

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SPACED 202: Change

Tim gets fired. Daisy is denied unemployment benefits. Brian struggles with being happy. Mike moves in with Marsha.

GUESTS: Gary Roby and Bryan Green

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SPACED 201: Back

Daisy returns from her holiday in Asia. Tim deals with his feelings concerning Star Wars. Secret Agents look for Daisy after a mix-up at the airport.

GUEST: Naomi Wong

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