SPACED 104: Battles

Daisy adopts a dog named Colin. Tim takes Mike to a paintball range and runs into his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

GUESTS: Hunter Canedy and Kevin Miller

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SPACED 103: Art

Tim plays too much Resident Evil. Daisy interviews for a job at a magazine. Brian’s ex-partner invites him to a showing of their newest performance piece.

GUESTS: Jason Hammons, Rachael Pedersen, & Mat Davis-Hockett

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SPACED 102: Gatherings

To avoid writing, Daisy decides to throw a housewarming party and invites their friends and neighbors. Tim reluctantly agrees.

GUESTS: Cassandra Fredrickson and Crystal Beth

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SPACED 101: Beginnings

Tim Bisley and Daisy Steiner meet by chance and hatch a plan to a rent a flat that requires a professional couple by pretending to be one.

GUESTS: Zach Luna and Nick Ferguson

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