15 – Savoureux Liaisons

Melinda and Michael wrap up the first season of HANNIBAL with episode 1×13: “Savoureux!” Next week: Michael watches Silence of the Lambs for the first time!

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14 – Is That Really Relevés?

Melinda and Michael push through post-workout malaise to talk about all of the rad women featured in HANNIBAL 1×12, “Relevés”

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13 – Getting Rôti With It

All aboard the reference wine train as Melinda and Michael look a “gift basket” in the mouth with HANNIBAL 1×11 – “Rôti”

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12 – Buffet Freud

Melinda and Michael try to talk HANNIBAL 1×10, “Buffet Froid,” but end up on a riff about horror history, encephalitis, and Bryan’s Fuller’s other works.

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11 – Trou Normand? Totes Gourmand!

Things get totemic in “Trou Normand,” HANNIBAL 1×09, as Melinda and Michael relish the series’ great late-season groove.

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10 – A World of Pure Fromagination

It’s a battle of the madmen – Chesapeake Ripper vs. Cat-Gut-Guy – in HANNIBAL 1×08, “Fromage.” But what does a “world of monsters” take mean for Hannibal Lecter?

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9 – Sorbet It

HANNIBAL 1×07, “Sorbet,” finally sees the series settle into a familiar shape: a magnificent banquet of madness where – as always – “nothing is vegetarian.”

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8 – Entrée du Bae

Melinda and Michael are thankful for the arrival of Drs. Chilton and Gideon in “Entrée,” HANNIBAL 1×06, but find this week’s episode an uneasy feast.

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7 – Coquilles With Gas

Did we just smell HANNIBAL 1×05, “Coquilles?” No, but we watched it, and now we talk murder angels, the proper first appearance of Bella, and casual conversational French. Also, a special guest sneezy cat.

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6 – Œuf, There It Is

HANNIBAL 1×04 – “Œuf,” an episode held from airing in the US due to a shooting, starts a discussion of ratings and financing, people suits, and coffee flavor preferences.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence – https://www.csgv.org/actions/

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