8.04 – The Stones of Venice

The Doctor and Charley find themselves in Venice on the day that a curse is destined to send the city crumbling into the water forever.

Plus, our thoughts on Thirteen’s new costume!

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8.02 – Storm Warning


The Doctor finds himself on the R101 airship in 1930 where he meets a young woman named Charley Pollard as the airship finds itself at the mercy of Triskele.

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8.01 – The Movie


While transporting the Master’s remains, the Doctor is gunned down and dies on an operating table in 1999 San Francisco. After a regeneration that gives him temporary amnesia, the new Doctor must remember who he is in time to stop a man possessed by the Master from stealing his remaining regenerations by opening the Eye of Harmony and destroying the world in the process.

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The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 196 – Jurassic Parked

doctorscompanionrssThe Cult of Morbius is up to no good as Scott and guest host Paul Montgomery listen to Series Two of the Paul McGann Eighth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish Audio. Continue reading