#044: Special: Halloween Draft: The Mt. Rushmore of Fear “… That was disturbing.”


Listener beware! Joe, Todd, and special guest Todd Petersen each build their own Mt. Rushmore of Fear, each selecting their four most frightening images from pop culture to carve on a mountainside. And (it turns out) discussing the scariest stories we’ve encountered can get spooky, so maybe don’t listen to this one in the car with the kids.

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#030: Special: Draft of Weird Children’s Films and TV Shows “I am so lost …”


Special draft episode! Joe and Todd each try to select the most bizarre collection of children’s shows and movies that have ever been made. Please let us know about any strange kid’s shows we missed.

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#007: Special: Valentine’s Day Draft: Great Characters in Great Love Stories “I’m so ashamed that I even care about this!”

In this episode¬†Todd and Joe set aside discussion of one great character in a great story and instead participate in their first Incomparable-inspired draft — each picking their fantasy team of great characters in great love stories.

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