The Ride: Part 5 – Live in Chicago + A Final Farewell

Using Doc’s new DeLorean time machine, we chase Biff through time and bump him back to the future.

GUESTS: Crystal Beth, Neil Brown, and George Hendricks

(Recorded LIVE at the Greenhouse Theater in Chicago on August 26, 2017)

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The Ride: Part 4 – Biff on the Run

Biff takes out the Institute’s security team, traps Doc in his office, and steals the DeLorean for a joy ride through time.

GUESTS: Nick Ferguson and Sommer Branham

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The Ride: Part 3 – A Wrench in the Works

After telling us about his many inventions through the years, Doc discovers that Biff has somehow found his way into the building.

GUESTS: Ali Colluccio and Naomi Wong

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The Ride: Part 2 – Gumping Through History

After arriving at the Institute of Future Technology as volunteers in a time travel experiment, we are told that Biff Tannen is missing from the year 1955.

GUESTS: Chris O’Connor and Zach Luna

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The Ride: Part 1 – Doc Brown takes Orlando

Doc Brown visits Orlando, FL in the year 1990 to film a promotional video for Universal Studios.

GUEST: Kyle Crane

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