9.04 – Aliens of London/World War III

An alien spacecraft crash lands in the middle of London as the Doctor and Rose return to Earth a year later than expected.

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9.03 – The Unquiet Dead

The Doctor and Rose travel to Cardiff on Christmas Day 1869 and run into Charles Dickens as they try to help gaseous aliens who inhabit the bodies of the dead.

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9.02 – The End of the World


The Doctor and Rose arrive on the observation deck of a space station in the year  5,000,000,000 to join a party to watch the sun expand and destroy the Earth.

GUEST: Billy McCartney

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9.01 – Rose


A twenty-something shopgirl is attacked by mannequin dummies made of living plastic when she is saved by a mysterious man known only as the Doctor.

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The Doctor’s Companion Ep. 106 – Alien Farts

Aliens are passing gas while Scott and Matt can’t agree on the merits of the Christopher Eccleston 2-part story “Aliens in London/World War Three”.

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