Sorcerer’s Stone Minute 139 – A Bad Situation

A breakdown of the House Points.

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4 thoughts on “Sorcerer’s Stone Minute 139 – A Bad Situation

  1. how about the zillions of points that snape docks from griffindors for nothing?

    • We’ll have to keep track as we go through later movies, really! Did he dock any points in this one? I think it might only have been when Snape called out Harry for “not paying attention”!
      We’re going through the books on our weekend edition, and I’ll take note of how many points Snape takes from the Gryffindor’s!

  2. snape definitely does dock harry in this movie, and perhaps even more in the book. but i think my main thought is that house points are awarded and docked capriciously by ALL the teachers (and later the prefects like when malfoy becomes prefect). as you (gary) point out, they;re the main method of reward available and they’re also the first line of punishment. but there’s no rhyme or reason–i think that mcgonnagal is the only teacher we ever see dock members of her own house so that we might believe that she tries to be fair. everyone else, it’s just a free-for-all.

    • I completely agree. The House Points situation does all seem very haphazard. I never really gave it much thought until we started going through at this Minute by Minute pace. I’ll try to keep track through the books as we move on and see if anyone’s truly fair with their giving/taking. I agree that you’re probably correct that McGonnagal seems to be the only one to take points from her own House.

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