Part III Minute 91 – Baby Stuff Emporium

Doc and Marty chase after the train as Clara runs into town.

GUEST: Zach Luna of Spider-Man Minute and Geek By Night


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2 thoughts on “Part III Minute 91 – Baby Stuff Emporium

  1. I would pay money to hear Nick talk in an Irish accent for an entire episode.

    Clara would know what a time machine is, I think. To be fair, last night Doc did say to her, “I came here in a time machine I invented.” That’s the memory the model is sparking for her, right?

  2. Also, when Marty rears up on that horse and looks sick as hell, I feel kind of bad that nobody he knows gets to see his moment of looking cool. Like, what would the kids at school say. They’ll never know. Marty has to go back to 1985 and deal with the sugar-spaz-attack that is Needles. Ugh.

    It also makes sense that Marty gets this moment The kid’s earned it. From the very first time we see him in Doc’s garage, he’s trying to be this superstar and almost every single time he falls on his face. He blows up an amp or falls off a hoverboard or plays rock n roll to the wrong crowd. Him beating up Biff and riding off into the sunset is the most badass thing he’s ever done.

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