Part III Minute 8 – An Argument for Insanity

Marty convinces Doc that he’s real with a letter from himself.

GUEST: A.J. Odasso


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2 thoughts on “Part III Minute 8 – An Argument for Insanity

  1. It seems to be Marty’s role in general to switch roles with the parental/guardian figures in his life. He’s shunted into this position simply because he knows more about time travel than ’55 Doc does, and of course he has to corral his parents because he knows more about their future than they do.

    But he’s not really used to being more knowledgeable than people older than him, so he draws on the stuff he was raised with to help, thus creating loops. Marty tells George, “if you put your mind to you, you can accomplish anything,” which becomes George’s catchphrase as a parent. And he tells Doc all about going to the 21st Century and that he names his dog Einstein, which might have influenced Doc’s actions in the timeline.

    Oh my gosh imagine Marty’s in 1985 after Doc departs in his flying train, and he visits Doc’s garage and among the familiar clutter Marty finds the very old model of Hill Valley that wasn’t in the original timeline.

    And hahaha what if it was painted and had like stick-figure Marty and Doc dolls in there. Like Doc had turned into Quasimodo and roleplayed with his time-travelling friend in the model Hill Valley when he got lonely.

  2. Haley – And younger Marty seeing how the “friend” figure was dressed – with a orange vest over a denim jacket – influenced Marty’s odd fashion choice later!

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