Part III Minute 19 – Happy Trails

Doc fires a gun and Marty takes off across the drive-in, racing toward 88mph before arriving in 1885.

GUEST: Chris Eliopoulos


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One thought on “Part III Minute 19 – Happy Trails

  1. I think Doc had Marty do the time jump within the confines of the drive-in so nobody from the road outside would see a futuristic car explode into fire and thin air. Ind it’s kind of a play on the fact that Marty was pointed at/crashed into a movie theater when he went back to 1985 in Part 1. Plus isn’t it meta that the time machine is crashing through the big screen.

    The special effects on that time jump. They’re so much different from the slick, glowy-neon effects we usually see on the DeLorean when it’s about to go through time. This instance it looks more like fireworks, and they’re colorful and spinning and feel homegrown. Which makes sense somehow, what with the old-timey mechanics strapped to the hood. God I love it.

    That car has been through some shit. Seventy years in a cave, I’m surprised it’s running this well.

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