Part III Minute 18 – Thinking Fourth Dimensionally

Doc goes over the plan as Marty worries that he will crash into the screen.

GUEST: Chris Eliopoulos


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2 thoughts on “Part III Minute 18 – Thinking Fourth Dimensionally

  1. I had a couple of thoughts on the speeding-on-gravel issue:

    1) Speed records are set at the Salt Flats. There’s much finer soil there, but it is still natural ground and yes, it kicks up a LOT of dust!

    2) Maybe the gravel medium was the reason that Doc was checking / adjusting the pressure in the tires. He’s The Doc, of course he would think of that!

  2. The Paradox draft had Doc sending Marty back to ’85 where he belonged and at the last second, Marty changed the time circuits to 1885 without Doc knowing. I like that better because it’s more in Doc’s character. Of course he wouldn’t want Marty to insert himself into time any more than necessary, even if that meant leaving Doc to be murdered. Doc made that same argument in Part 1 when Marty kept trying to warn him about getting murdered then (by terrorists). But just like in Part 1, Marty doesn’t listen to Doc, and sets the time circuits right before the time-jump so he can “go back early and warn him.” I kind of wish that moment had made it into this movie.

    The goal of “save Doc” is neat and tidy and the opposite of the second movie. It’s like the second movie tried to enhance the insufficient internal stakes of “Marty did the wrong thing!” by making the external stakes comically huge: a whole timeline/world is ruined. The stakes are so unfathomably large, they’re essentially non-stakes.

    I always thought Marty’s “but I’m going to hit those Indians” line dumbed him down too much. After all this time travel, he still can’t get that the drive-in isn’t gonna be there?

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