Part III Minute 15 – Break in for Exposition

Doc and Marty search through records for more information about Doc’s death in 1885.

GUEST:┬áMike O’Gorman


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2 thoughts on “Part III Minute 15 – Break in for Exposition

  1. I was just rewatching the first few minutes of this movie after listening, and it struck me that this Doc may not have decided yet to put Marty’s letter back together from Part 1. It would have been interesting to see the pieces of this letter at Doc’s house. Did Marty actually pick up these pieces after Doc passed out? By the way, I really like these movies, and I have enjoyed listening to this podcast while at work.

  2. Randy – In minute 94 of the first film, when the tree limb fell and ripped the plug out of the socket, Doc put the shredded letter back in his pocket so he could grab the rope and fix the problem. He never dropped the letter on the ground to be scattered by the storm.

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