Part III Minute 115 – Goodbye McFly

In which Scott and Nick make like a tree. Thanks for listening.


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3 thoughts on “Part III Minute 115 – Goodbye McFly

  1. Congrats on finishing the show! I audibly groaned though, when I heard you were going to do the cornetto trilogy. Can I muster the strength to listen to nick annoyingly ramble on for three more movies? Hard to say…. I do love those movies. Is Scott a good enough host to get me back on board? Also, hard to say. much soul searching for this listener… Regardless of the duos weak link, I can appreciate the amount of work you put into this project.


    This is an incredible, optimistic, fun final episode I feel like I could run a mile (okay maybe not a mile) I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

    Thank you for the countless hours of work you put into this podcast; it has brought immense joy to my life over the past year and a half. Thank you for the fun facts and for rekindling my interest in the art of filmmaking (I took a screenwriting course this past fall in large part because of all your talk about how screenplays work). Thank you for cultivating/embracing the community of listeners around this podcast. Thank you for creatively and competently creating a new way to examine the trilogy. It’s true what that listener in the previous episode said; I’m forever going to think of your commentary and the things I’ve learned from this podcast whenever I watch these movies. I hope you guys realize the impact of what you’ve done: you’ve contributed something thorough and very entertaining to the Back to the Future fandom. You’re now a part of this amazing trilogy of movies.
    Best of luck on all the projects to come! I’ll be listening!!

    • Thank you so much, Haley! We still have a few odds and ends to do before we close the book on BTTF Minute entirely, but I’m so grateful for you and all of our listeners like you. I may not always reply to your HUNDREDS of comments, but believe me, I read and appreciated every single one. Thank you!!

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