Part III Minute 1 – A Universal Introduction

The Universal logo celebrates 75 years and a familiar date comes across the screen.


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2 thoughts on “Part III Minute 1 – A Universal Introduction

  1. holy cannOLI you’re back! Final season! Exciting!!

    I see the 1980s Universal logo and I automatically hear the opening chords of Don’t You Forget About Me.

    About Universal’s 100th anniversary: I visited Universal Studios in 2015 and at night they did a 100th anniversary movie-compilation-projection show. I was torn between “psh commercial giant tooting its own horn” and being really moved by the magnitude of films Universal has released in its history. There were some really fist-pumping clips of BTTF in there, too. And the Silvestri score was all over that montage.

    I’m not gonna say it made me cry, but seeing the footage of Marty standing up slowly in the parking lot, getting his first glimpse of the DeLorean to the tune of Morgan Freeman’s heroic voice-over and thinking about how epic and life-changing movies can be…dang.

    Congrats on your final season, again!

  2. Caught up to part 3 finally! Just an initial comment to say I liked the Dueling Genre logo sounds. 😛

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