Part II Minute 99 – Hitchcockian Silhouette

Part 2 Minute-00099

A car arrives and some guy gives Marty a letter.

GUEST: Mike O’Gorman from Nice Enough People


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: Leaper 182

One thought on “Part II Minute 99 – Hitchcockian Silhouette

  1. I’m gonna just explode over how unbelievable this scene is. There’s so much content packed into this minute, alone.

    Who’s in the car? Is it Doc? Someone to do with Doc? Biff again? Wilbur returning to pick up the lost kid his wife didn’t want him to stop for? Or maybe it’s just someone waiting for Marty to GET OUT OF THE DAMN ROAD.

    I. LOVE. that Marty flinches when the Western Union man whips out the letter. Clearly the actor is playing it like it’s a gun hidden in his trenchcoat, but to get metaphorical for a second, the implication here, that the written word can be powerful in its own right–that’s a huge theme of the trilogy. I mean, Marty wrote that letter to Doc to warn him about the terrorists and it protected him from close-range gunfire. Now it’s Doc’s turn to write Marty a letter.

    Part 1: (to Doc) “You’re alive!”

    The mirroring in the letters isn’t just that both Marty and Doc wrote one. It’s that they both got accidentally sent back to before they were born, and wrote to the person they left behind. Both specify precisely when the letter should be opened (do not open until 1985//to be delivered at blah de blah pm on November 12, 1955 outside the new Lyon Estates billboard to a kid in a rapidly-shrinking leather jacket). They’re the longest-distance penpals ever.

    If you think about it, it’s perfect that this version of Doc was sent back to 1885. Any other version that didn’t meet Marty in 1955 and read his letter, might not have gotten the idea to do the same when he was transported to the Old West.

    You mention it’s strange Marty calls him “the Doc” in the line, “He’s gone. The Doc is gone.” Marty has called him this before (“you’re the doc, Doc.”) but I took it to emphasize the distance between them. THE Doc is gone.

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