Part II Minute 96 – Kill It With Fire

Part 2 Minute-00096

Marty has the almanac in his hand then burns it in a bucket to save the future.

GUEST: Mike O’Gorman from HBO’s Vice Principals


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: Leaper 182

One thought on “Part II Minute 96 – Kill It With Fire

  1. Maybe the turbulence the DeLorean is experiencing is a side effect of it hovering so close to the ground? Earlier in the movie the skyway was very high up, above the buildings, and an off-ramp brought cars to the ground, where they switched from flying to driving. Maybe flying near the ground brings about weird wind effects and in Doc’s case in this minute, the thunderstorm magnifies it?

    Now I’m going to contradict myself and admit that in 2015, Doc doesn’t drive down the off-ramp into Courthouse Square; he drives the car into an alley and lowers it in a smooth-as-butter maneuver. No turbulence. Then after Marty buys the almanac (“I can lose!”) we see Doc hovering the car out of the alley and onto the street with no problem.

    I agree; it’s economical and fitting and cosmically puzzle-piece-into-place that the storm Doc and Marty are struggling with now is the same storm their younger selves are racing at the clock tower. It’s one of my favorite facets of the whole movie. That, and how it leads to Marty running into/interrupting Doc at the end. I think I lost my head the first time I saw that happen.

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