Part II Minute 92 – Double Take

Part 2 Minute-00092

Biff checks some sports scores on the radio as Marty reaches into the car for the almanac and gets caught.

GUEST: Chris and Dave of Wrath of Khan Minute


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One thought on “Part II Minute 92 – Double Take

  1. Both in this minute and the previous one, you guys talk about how Westerns are a more mature film genre and that appreciation for the western elements of the third BTTF movie comes at a mature age.

    You also mention that the third movie focuses more on Doc than on Marty. That the whole film contains themes of it never being too late for happy things to happen to you.

    It seems that, overall, part three is for the grown ups in the audience, which is fancy because part two, with all its cartoon-ish elements and action-packed jumping-back-and-forth-through-time, is for the kids in the audience. I wonder if that was intentional on Zemeckis’s or Gale’s part.

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