Part II Minute 90 – Chasing Almanac

Part 2 Minute-00090

Biff steals back the Almanac and escapes, while Marty rendezvous with Doc to go after him.

GUEST: Darren Husted of As If: A Clueless Podcast


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One thought on “Part II Minute 90 – Chasing Almanac

  1. The intensity of Biff’s almost-showdown with Marty, both here and moments ago when he yanked Marty out of the car and said, “You cost me three hundred bucks’ damage to my car you son of a bitch. And I’m gonna take it out of your ass,” –both of these moments are pretty intense and Biff ends up only kicking Marty twice. I mean, it seemed like something more dangerous was going to happen. Biff threw Marty to the mercy of his (kind of goofy) goons, but they only tossed Marty into the trunk of a car. And earlier in the first movie, during the skateboard chase, Biff seemed like he was going to truly hurt Marty by ramming him between two cars, but that didn’t happen, either. This moment here is the one chance when nobody’s watching and Biff could just wail on Marty and he doesn’t. Is Biff all talk?

    “Doc seems like the kind of guy that would need a deadline.” Being visited by future-Marty and learning he would make a time machine by 1985 set up a pretty great deadline.

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