Part II Minute 88 – Sandbagging

Part 2 Minute-00088

Marty takes out Biff’s gang and tries to leave without being seen.

GUEST: Kyle and Brady from Ghostbusters Minute


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: Leaper 182

One thought on “Part II Minute 88 – Sandbagging

  1. This is where this scene becomes the end of Carrie. Marty drops the sandbags and murders a few teenage boys, the metal rigging above the stage falls onto the Starlighters, an amp sparks, probably setting fire to the extensive decorations, and Marty watches in horror as the carnage unfolds around him, ruining all hope for his future.

    You mention that time travelling in this series deposits characters to the same spot from which they departed. Isn’t it cool that the entirety of the trilogy takes place across maybe a three mile radius, but over the course of a hundred years? They never go farther than the outskirts of Hill Valley. All the movement and momentum happens across time.

    (And I appreciate the sailor’s knot research dropped into the end there.)

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