Part II Minute 86 – Mundane Humor

Part 2 Minute-00086

Biff wakes up and runs after the guy with the hat, while Marty gets on stage to stop Biff’s gang from beating up the other Marty.

GUEST: Derek and Ellie from Assembling the Avengers


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: Leaper 182

2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 86 – Mundane Humor

  1. Since the line about the wallet is repeated so many times, watching the move back in the day I thought it was being stressed as a reference joke, with “Lester” being a young David Horowitz!

    But since he was “Lester” and not “David” I guess you just debunked that for me. (Oooh, right in the childhood. =( Man!)

    Love those golden Joss Whedon mundane moments: “I got the mustard out!!”

  2. I like your point about the unique situation allowing Marty to recognize his talent from an almost objective standpoint this time around. You could call it character development, but also, with everything that’s happened in the past day/week, Marty’s probably forgotten the sting of Huey Lewis’s rejection at the Battle of the Bands audition. He’s got way bigger problems now; his fear of his demo tape being snubbed is kid’s stuff.

    I also appreciate that Marty’s recognition of his guitar-playing comes in such a small gesture. This isn’t the over-confident, selfish Marty we saw at the beginning who presumed his 2015 self “made it big” and was raking in the dough. It’s not the same Marty who wanted to cheat time and steal a sports almanac. It’s a more mature kid we’re watching, here.

    Hahahaha Marty’s watching his yesterday-self introduce rock twelve years before his birth and you think the stage DOOR is a weird situation?

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