Part II Minute 81 – All For Nothing

Part 2 Minute-00081

Marty hides under Strickland’s desk and gets his hand smashed reaching for the almanac, which Strickland throws away.

GUEST: Guy Hutchinson and John Galbo of The Flux Capacicast


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: Leaper 182

One thought on “Part II Minute 81 – All For Nothing

  1. You mention it here and it surprises me that it hasn’t come up before but, dang does this franchise have some awesomely-named characters. Marty McFly. What a sick last name. It’s become so iconic it’s easy to forget that somebody had to come up with that. And Biff is such an appropriate name for everything Biff is; this big lug of a guy who’s like a clumsy, cheap swipe at the back of your head.

    There’s a saying that good design is design you don’t even notice– as in, good design is so artful and clever it slips in naturally and doesn’t call attention to itself. It might be that I was born into a post-Back-to-the-Future world, but so much of this movie feels like that kind of good design to me. Like the cool names of the characters, or the fact that when the DeLorean vanishes, it leaves behind trails of fire. It feels like common sense and I forget that somebody (Bob Gale and Bob Zemeckis) had to write it into existence.

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