Part II Minute 8 – The Face Peel

Part 2 Minute-00008

Doc peels his face off and then runs to the end of the alley to spy on a teenager who looks a lot like Marty.

GUEST: Tony Thaxton of Motion City Soundtrack


One thought on “Part II Minute 8 – The Face Peel

  1. Yay, Doc doesn’t look like death anymore! I mean, the trouble with the prosthetics in the first movie is that there isn’t that much of a difference between ’85 and ’55 Doc. I mean, they had to make Doc look recognizable, but it was like, “Doc doesn’t look older…?” He has a bit of lizard neck going on and his hair is all flyaway, but that’s about it? You can see it in the close-up of “What the hell?” in Part I. (Doc seems to have forgotten the invention of conditioner in 1985.)

    And yet, when you look at the replayed scene at the beginning of Part II, Doc looks *ghastly*. In the scenes in the DeLorean, the prosthetics doesn’t look the same as before, but I think the lighting changes the way Doc looks in the car. *shrug*

    I gotta agree that Marty being keen to explore is really lovely. If Marty had come to 2015 and just didn’t want to move would’ve felt weird because who wouldn’t want to see what the future looks like? Not just our own personal future, but what the future looks like in general. I mean, there’s differences in sixty years, but this was very much a “we’re going to make the future so visually different that it’s like another planet.” The places where I’ve lived just haven’t changed that much in twenty years. There were a few stores that have been torn down and other stuff has been put up in their place, but it’s never on this kind of scale.

    Okay, that line from the paradox draft is both very blunt in a narrative sense (something bad is going to happen to you, Marty), but also very caring, because Doc has that moment of not wanting to show Marty that things aren’t going to be wonderful and rosy.

    Ugh, thank god the 1967 draft got heavily edited/rewritten. Though I do like that Jennifer was trying to keep Marty in one spot because Doc said so. She doesn’t know what’s going on, but she knows that listening to Doc is what you should do, and just operate from there. 😀

    If Doc has been Groundhogging this day, he’s also gotta be tracking his own movements. Like, he has to plan where exactly he’s going to be, and okay, this alleyway seems to be the best central spot to be able to see Marty Jr. show up, and also get Marty to the Cafe ’80s without there being weirdness, so he’s going to save this alleyway for when he’s finally ready to implement the plan. Maybe he stays glued to his binoculars so that he doesn’t accidentally see an older version of himself. I wonder if Doc used a map or a GPS doohickey in order to track the other versions of himself. “I know for a fact that #2 is going to be hitting that side street…. now!” and there’s #2, right on time. Given that Doc has been worried about time and timing since the first movie, he might be an old pro at this by now. It’s just figuring out his own movements from multiple jumps is the new complication, but he does it like champ because he knows himself that well.

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