Part II Minute 77 – Swimming Upstream

Part 2 Minute-00077

After spiking the punch, Biff and his gang head outside as Marty continues to tail them.

GUESTS: Paul Montgomery and David Accampo


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producers: David Jeffreys & Leaper 182

One thought on “Part II Minute 77 – Swimming Upstream

  1. [02:52]
    With your discussion about how Biff and his gang’s reactions are over-exaggerated, I can’t help being reminded of cartoons in the vein of Rocky and Bullwinkle, where the villain is doing something bad, and if the black clothes and faux-Russian accents didn’t give it away, it was the way they were being very visible about their villainy. Like, none of the other characters see it, but the audience can see it, because look! They’re evil! And the audience can sort of pat themselves on the back that they can see the bad people doing bad things when the good guys can’t.

    I realize that the headcanon is totally not supported by the canon, but I love seeing the trope where the bad guy’s goons are secretly super-intelligent, and they just sort of follow the bad guy around because they’re bored, or they want to see the bad guy get out of yet another scrape that his big, dumb mouth got him into. Biff himself knowing how to read French and genuinely reading Ooh La La! for the articles is just hilarious. <3

    Marty McFly is the '80s equivalent of

    Step 1: Almanac
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit!

    I love him to bits, but he really just does muddle through everything, which is a nice contrast to Doc wanting to plan things out.

    Stealth is so weird in movies because on the one hand, in-universe, the person who's stealthing has to stay hidden from everybody that he's trying to avoid, so naturally, he's going to try to not be seen. On the other hand, you have to show the audience, “hey, here’s Marty!” and have him be the focal point without it seeming like all the other people around him are really oblivious. It gets especially weird when Marty is wearing something that is so blatantly out of step with everyone else that you would think that just about anybody would notice the weird kid with the leather jacket and the fedora, only the movie says he has to be stealthed. So, really, it’s like the leather jacket and fedora are like a two-piece cloaking device, and you have to think of some way to make it make sense or else you’re going to be shouting at the screen, “WHY CAN’T YOU SEE HIM, HE’S RIGHT THEEEEEERE.”

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