Part II Minute 76 – Stealth Mission

Part 2 Minute-00076

Marty follows Biff around the dance, watching him with binoculars from a distance.

GUESTS: Paul Montgomery and David Accampo


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producers: David Jeffreys & Leaper 182

2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 76 – Stealth Mission

  1. This was a really good minute! I especially like the comment that the movie can get away with things like the corny binoculars shot because the action takes place in the 50s. It’s cool for the shooting of a film to take the shape of its subject(s). But also, this could be a callback to the moment at the beginning of the movie when we get a POV of Doc looking through a pair of futuristic binoculars to find Marty Jr. stumbling along the sidewalk in 2015 Hill Valley.

  2. I think this was one of the scenes that had made me absolutely convinced that the Bobs had written the first movie to weave in perfectly with II and III. Like, the stock footage is there, sure, but the way that you see the different angles that weren’t present in the first movie is basically seeing the same scene from different eyes. We’re attached to Marty’s shoulder in the trilogy that we end up not realizing that there are other things going on, and the chance to see Biff and his cronies screwing around and spiking the punch, Strickland hovering over everybody and then needing a drink — it feels like you’re reading Pride & Prejudice, and then you read the same book, but from Darcy’s perspective instead of Elizabeth’s, and it’s kind of mind-blowing.

    In terms of the change in tone, I hadn’t realized that WFRR might’ve had that much of an impact on II and III just because Zemeckis might’ve been in that mindset. It’s really interesting to think about, though it makes so much sense. Any fic that I write after having mainlined The Hunger Games is going to read much differently than if I’d binged on Steven Universe.

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