Part II Minute 75 – A Pair-a-Docs

Part 2 Minute-00075

Doc has a chat with himself while Marty arrives to the dance in Biff’s car.

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3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 75 – A Pair-a-Docs

  1. I would also go a step further with recognizing yourself in the past. There’s a filter in your brain that makes it hard for you to see yourself objectively much like the whole “my voice sounds weird when I hear myself recorded” phenomenon. you are unable to see yourself outside of your mirror reflection… and add aging to it. And it depends on your age. I have two sisters and for any photo of us under the age of maybe 5 or so we can not tell who is who without the picture dated and usually have to use lies in the sorrounding picture (what year foes it look like, which dog is she wigh) for even my mother to figure out which one of us it is (forget her figuring out baby photos unless she dated the print back in the day.)

    I’d probably see a younger/older version of me and just think it was a relation (strangely my neice, my sister’s daughter looks a lot like I did when I was a kid randomly)

  2. If I’m not mistaken, this is Doc’s first trip back in time. As in, back in time before 1985. Can you imagine going back to a year and place where you made memories and finding everything untouched, as if preserved? Even after thirty years? Like stepping into a photograph.

  3. UGH, this Leaper chick, I swear.

    All joking aside, listening to this conversation (and getting over the fact that I talked waaay too much, oops), another dimension to the whole Jennifer seeing herself and Doc seeing himself occurred to me.

    Jennifer of 1985 is “present” Jennifer, and she’s going to see “future” Jennifer. Doc of 1985 is “present” Doc, and he’s going to see “past” Doc. (Biff of 2015 would be the “present” Biff, going to 1955, so he follows the same logic as Doc.) Maybe that was a factor in why Jennifer was going to pass out, but Doc and Biff were just going to have an uncomfortable conversation with themselves?

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