Part II Minute 74 – Disastrous Results

Part 2 Minute-00074

Doc warns Marty of the potential danger of meeting himself, and then meets himself.

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One thought on “Part II Minute 74 – Disastrous Results

  1. I love the fact that in the screenshot you used in the post, you can tell that the antenna is broken on Doc’s walkie-talkie because it’s not supposed to bend at that angle. 😀

    Omg, I wonder if Biff would be a wonderful singer or so off-key that he breaks champagne flutes.

    … okay, wow, that would be amazingly clear. I mean, when I was a kid and a semi would pass by the house, we’d get some of their chatter through the TV, but if they were talking about me, I would’ve been freaked out or looking around. O_O

    It seems a bit weird for Doc to remember the size of the bolt memorized, but if he dwelled on this day ever since it happened, it could be that he just ended up memorizing every detail about it because it was such a momentous thing. It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing when it was happening the first time, and so he’d want to remember every detail? Doc strikes me as a guy who would want to remember everything about the important stuff. Maybe he’s also a bit of a hoarder when he has the space to hoard well?


    Talk about a trial by fire for Christopher Lloyd — the first scene of a two-movie show must be even more pressure. @_@ I always want to give him a hug. (He’s really sweet in person.)

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