Part II Minute 73 – Toon Tunnel

Part 2 Minute-00073

Marty radios Doc from the back of Biff’s car as Doc arrives at Courthouse Square.

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One thought on “Part II Minute 73 – Toon Tunnel

  1. I love the idea of Doc Bingo. Only to be topped by a Back to the Future Drinking Game.

    Marty doesn’t really act like a kid. In the movies, he has more agency than most kids his age, it feels like. There’s different aspects of Marty that are more mature than I’d expect for a 17yo.

    (I’m a big fan of Marty the Mom. I can see a regular day in the lab being Marty bringing Doc a sandwich and some water, and then pestering him to sit down when something starts sparking when it’s not supposed to.)

    The mental image of Tim Burton throwing up on a bike is hilarious. Just saying.

    “Papa Loves Mambo” playing in the background of Marty popping up in the backseat is

    TFW as Tommy would’ve been so incredibly mind-bending because Joe Pesci’s way of intimidating people is like, he brings this presence to bear on you, and yeah, he’s this short guy, but there’s an aura of menace that feels bigger than his body, and when you’re that target, it’s like, “Oh my God, this guy is not only going to kill me, he’s going to kill everyone I’ve ever come into contact with because he’s just that angry.” And Joe Pesci wouldn’t need a baseball bat. He’d just need a phone call, and suddenly you and that nice mailman who you’ve known for six years are on the headlines of tomorrow’s newspapers because of the violence of the murders.

    Whereas Biff’s aura of menace is that he knows he’s a big guy, he knows that if he wanted to, he could back up his threats with his fists. He might be more street smart than planning smart, but when the chips fall, and he has to get his hands dirty, he does it personally. He’s willing to be the driver of the car, he’s willing to grab a baseball bat and go to town, and the fact that MJF is so much smaller than TFW makes Marty’s knocking him out all the more impressive.

    Omgggggggggggggggggggggg, Marty doesn’t even bother to keep his voice down. One thing that I’m noticing just from the screenshot you guys posted is the fact that, if Biff were checking his rearview more often, he’d see Marty. No, “well maybe the angle was weird!” — he would see him. Later in the battle for the almanac after the dance, the movie makes a point of having Biff notice Marty in his rearview at one point, and using that to his advantage. Yes, Biff’s not expecting a passenger in his backseat, but you would think he’d notice!

    I’m glad that they included that detail because while I think that Doc souped up the walkie-talkies to hell and back, there was no way that he could contend with a tunnel. Even cellphones in the early days had trouble keeping a call going in elevators and such, so it makes sense that the filmmakers in the late ’80s would make that assumption. (I think Doc messed with the walkie-talkies because you don’t see Marty having to fight to open the walkie-talkie packaging. He just opens it and slips them out like Doc had already opened it before, presumably to see how high the antennae were.)

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