Part II Minute 72 – Naptime

Part 2 Minute-00072

Marty asks Doc for help, but Biff returns to the garage hours later to leave for the dance.

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2 thoughts on “Part II Minute 72 – Naptime

  1. I want to see Marty sitting on the handlebars of Doc’s bike, pointing straight ahead screeching, “HE WENT THAT WAY, DOC!” “Yes, Marty I know, he’s going to the dance I know where the dance is I know.”

    Bob Gale said in the DVD commentary that Christopher Lloyd was big into bicycling and would often take long, cross-country bike rides. They would call up Chris’s agent to ask if he was available and would hear that actually, Chris was unreachable, somewhere in the middle of America, pedaling along on his bike.

  2. I like the idea of Marty taking a nap while he’s trapped in Biff’s garage. I worry about him. He doesn’t sleep or eat enough. *pets Marty gently*

    It could be that Doc might’ve just bought whatever bike was handy so that he could get to Marty, and he didn’t care if it was marketed for girls.

    Part 2 is like “Doc and Marty are the Keystone Cops”, and you’re just waiting for that song to kick in.

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